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Tourism and Visitation

A secular space
Dedicated to horses
That enchants and involves
Who visits it

Real Alter Stud Farm was established in 1748 and is housed in an enclosed space of about 800 ha. Underlying its creation is the preservation of the animal genetic heritage of the Lusitana breed, and the preparation of horses to be part of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art.

It has a mares herd composed of 60 womb mares, which are the basis of equine production.

At Stud Farm there are all the qualities associated with the purebred Lusitano horse, from birth to competition, with special emphasis on:

  • Neonatology and reproduction unit
  • Clinical unit (general practice and orthopedics)
  • Molecular Genetics Laboratory
  • Recreation
  • Roughing Unit Selection and testing

In addition to the sports component, it has a visitation program, which addresses the historical component, from its creation until today, with a strong interaction with the daily life of a Stud Farm. In this space it is possible to practice equestrian tourism, horse-drawn carriage rides, horse rides, horse riding lessons and horse baptisms.

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