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Sale of Coverings 2023

Regulation, Catalog and Price List 2023

The reproductive season of Alter Stud Farm is in operation and the consultation of the 2023 regulation is indispensable.
The sale of this Stud Farm stallions semen runs until October 1, 2023.

Stallions that are identified as being in training/work, competition or at the service of the EPAE (Portuguese School of Equestrian Art) will have their fresh semen harvest conditioned to the availability of their activities. As well as those that have only refrigerated and/or frozen semen available.

The charge price/semen varies from stallion to stallion, depending on their pedigree, performance, etc., according to current pricing and regulation, available at the links below.

Reproductive Season Regulation 2023
Stallions Price List 2023
Coverings Order Form 2023

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