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Agricultural Production

Tapada do Arneiro is the name of the homestead where Alter Stud Farm is located, being a fully walled property, with an area of approximately 800 ha, which is located in the county of Alter do Chão about 4 km from the village, in the center of the Portalegre district.

Stud Farm has unstructured soils of granite origin, except for rare lower points with better texture of small floodplains. Agriculture is essentially direct grazing through improved pasture and/or permanent dryland meadows, providing small areas for annual forage for cutting, storage and feeding at times of greatest food shortage.

There is still about 30 ha of traditional secular olive grove, monovarietal "Galega", which gives us the opportunity to make "Alter Real" olive oil. A highly appreciated gourmet product that you have the opportunity to purchase in our store.