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  • General Regulations (Cinegetic Season 2018/2019)

    •    General Regulations (Cinegetic Season 2018/2019)
    •    Registrations are made by e-mail or telephone and ensuring payment of the hunt before the hunting journey begins;
    •    The order of call of hunters is determined by order of registration or contact;
    •    For the cinegetic act exercise, the hunter must present all legally required documents, without which he will be prevented from hunting;
    •    Coarse hunting can only be carried out with carbine, therefore the use of bullet shotguns is not allowed;
    •    Failure to hunt, or failure to appear at the scheduled time, will result in cancellation of the hunt and non-refund of amounts already paid;
    •    Infringements of the hunting law and disobedience to guides during hunting implies the end of the hunt without the right to repayment of the amounts already paid and without prejudice to other legal implications;
    •    When waiting for wild boars only one companion is allowed;
    •    Hunting journeys will be accompanied by one or more hunting guides, nominated by Alter
    Stud Farm.

  • Specific Boar Waiting Regulation

    •    The hunt ends no later than 11:30 pm;
    •    The trip to the stands will be made in vehicles of Alter Stud Farm;
    •    For safety reasons it is only allowed to shoot off the stands except to charge
    an injured animal;
    •    Only allowed to slaughter one animal by waiting;
    •    Hunters are entitled to the trophy and may also acquire the meat of the slaughtered animal;
    •    It is expressly forbidden to slaughter females if accompanied by their pups;
    •    The slaughter or injury of any animal other than the wild boar implies the payment of a fee of € 10,000, without prejudice to the penalties provided for by law;
    •    The use of night vision devices or spotlights is not permitted. 


    Hunting Period: All year
    Only 1 copy per hunting day is allowed.


    Registration: 50,00€
    Injured and uncharged animal: 100,00€

    Additional fee per animal and trophy:

    •    Females and Males - 50,00€
    •    Males with exposed razors from 3 to 5.9 cm - 50,00€;
    •    Males with exposed razors greater than 5.9 cm -100,00€;
    •    On hunting day, hunters must report to Alter Stud Farm two hours before sunset , in time for the stands draw which will be held at the Alter Stud Farm Country House.