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  • General Regulation (Venatory Season 2020/2021)
  • Specific Boar Waiting Regulation

    •    The hunt ends no later than 11:30 pm;
    •    The trip to the stands will be made in vehicles of Alter Stud Farm;
    •    For safety reasons it is only allowed to shoot off the stands except to charge
    an injured animal;
    •    Only allowed to slaughter one animal by waiting;
    •    Hunters are entitled to the trophy and may also acquire the meat of the slaughtered animal;
    •    It is expressly forbidden to slaughter females if accompanied by their pups;
    •    The slaughter or injury of any animal other than the wild boar implies the payment of a fee of € 10,000, without prejudice to the penalties provided for by law;
    •    The use of night vision devices or spotlights is not permitted. 


    Hunting Period: All year
    Only 1 copy per hunting day is allowed.


    Registration: 50,00€
    Injured and uncharged animal: 100,00€

    Additional fee per animal and trophy:

    •    Females and Males - 50,00€
    •    Males with exposed razors from 3 to 5.9 cm - 50,00€;
    •    Males with exposed razors greater than 5.9 cm -100,00€;
    •    On hunting day, hunters must report to Alter Stud Farm two hours before sunset , in time for the stands draw which will be held at the Alter Stud Farm Country House.