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Alter Stud Farm is located in Tapada do Arneiro, in the countie of Alter do Chão, which is approximately 4 km from the village, in the center of Portalegre district.

The Tapada do Arneiro is the designation of the homestead that, being a fully walled property, with an area of approximately 800 ha, has a remarkable natural heritage of great landscape, floristic and faunistic value, also providing the enjoyment of archaeological circuits and various reasons for historical, cultural and environmental interest, which contribute to Alter Stud Farm becoming, in the future, a mandatory crossing point in Alto Alentejo and in particular, in Alter do Chão.
Alter do Chão, being a Portuguese village in the district of Portalegre (Alto Alentejo), has a low population density, at 9.8 inhabitants / km². It is the headquarters of a municipality with 362.07 km² in area and 3,562 inhabitants. The municipality is bordered to the north by Crato, southeast by Monforte, south by Frontier, southwest by Avis, and west by Ponte de Sor. The Alter do Chão countie consists of four parishes.

Alter do Chão is assumed to be a land of living history, where tranquility reigns and an important heritage divided between the white houses with colored bands, the cobbled streets where 17th and 18th century manor houses coexist, and the several historical monuments, among which stand out the Castle and the Álamo House, museum centers open to the public, where a wide variety of cultural activities is concentrated. In addition to these, among others, it should also be noted:

  • The Palácio dos Viscondes or Alter ou Casa Nobre da Barreira;
  • The Pelourinho de Alter do Chão;
  • The Capela de Santo António dos Olivais;
  • The Igreja do Senhor Jesus do Outeiro;
  • The Castelo de Alter Pedroso or Fortificações de Alter Pedroso (restos);
  • The Estação arqueológica de Alter do Chão (Mosaico da Vila Romana da Casa de Medusa) or Ferragial d' El Rei;
  • The Chafariz da Praça da República (Alter do Chão);
  • The Igreja do Convento de Santo António.